First of all, thanks to the 650 people who came to the last FFYS party, we really appreciate the love and support you all gave to us ! It was actually the first time that we invited a brokenbeat vocalist, so I'm honoured to introduce you Amalia, a fresh and bouncing girl ! Opolopo her producer and boyfriend was also there to support her. During their show, Amalia called me to come on the stage for doing a jammin' together on the Kaossilator, we really enjoyed ourselves ! The brokenbeat scene is not really yet present in Switzerland, the show was no doubt a gift for us, a big shout out to these lovers !

Our sponsor DTRP (Do The Right Print) have designed for us a new wicked t-shirt especially for the party. They are big fans of sneakers, most of the others t-shirt series are created around the sneaker. Please visit their website, they kill !!! Thanks again for dressing us up !



This mix has been made especially for the "Tokimonsta x Ngoc Lan x Chief" party for a limited edition (20 cd's).

As we had positives feedbacks, we decided to drop the "Intergalactic Sounds" on air... Enjoy !

Download the mix hereafter : "Intergalactic Sounds"



Tokimonsta was in town last Thursday for giving us an incredible live, it was so sick ! We were spoiled by her beats & remixes. Of course, all the boys crushed on her ! Normal, she's really sweet, beautiful and definitely a "monsta" !!! She was here for a short stay, but we had a lot of fun together, too much partying (Jägermeister) !

I would like to thank Toki for coming, I hope you will come back real soon... Enjoy the rest of your tour ! And big up to Chief + the staff.

Pictures and videos are coming soon...



Last Saturday, we had the most amazing show ever... My girl Yarah Bravo was in Switzerland to rock with my FFYS crew, dj Vadim and Fae Simon. The party took place at the Hacienda in Sierre, it was sold out !

Actually, the story is that it was the first time that Yarah did not a show with her man Vadim. Usually they're rocking shows together, but this night they did separately their own live but in the same club... Vadim played with his band and Yarah brought Fae Simon which is a beautiful and great singer from London (we have to mention that it was her first international show !) and the super cute saxophone player Lorenzo.

The two girls, Yarah and Fae have performed for the first time together and it was a good combination between them, the perfect match ! I know that I'm always saying "it was the first time, blablabla"... But for real, it was a brand new party ! During the show, we did a freestyle, Yarah on her Vestax drum machine, Fae on the mic, Lorenzo on the sax, Chikano on the scratch and I on my little toy Korg drum machine, it was totally improvised and so deep... Damn, the people wanted more after we done the concert ! We felt lots of love and good vibrations, the atmosphere was really WOW !

After that, the royal dj Vadim slapped everybody with his band and dj set !



Alice Dufay is a talented illustrator from Caen (France). I was first falling in love with her stories "Le temps s'écoule à la vitesse d'un escargot" before she made it as a book. There is some pretty and funny daily stories where everybody can find oneself inside.

She created lately a project that I adored, "Beats & Faces" ! Alice drew some portraits of beatmakers and dj's which are really beautiful and personal, it's the Alice Dufay's touch ! She also reproduced my face... Below, here are some of her works.



Very first special exclusive mix for my blog ! Good for your ears, perfect for a Sunday... I introduce you my homeboy Front2Blaq from Germany, a dope (geil !) guy that I met over Myspace but recently in real in Berlin. We definitely have the same tastes and vibe in music and I absolutely dig all his guest mixes he did for my crew FFYS, Cosmopolyphonic Radio, LuckyMe, Musique Large, etc. It's with an huge honour that I deliver you this mix called "A Beautiful Trip"... Thx again my man !

Download the mix hereafter : "A Beautiful Trip"

01 Bohannon - It's Time For Peace - Brunswick
02 Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - Selfish - Strut
03 Philomena - Step By Step - CDR
04 Sonoro - BrokenLegs - CDR
05 Altered Natives - Lambs 2 The Slaughter - CDR
06 Tiago - Numberrrs (Splash Version) - CDR
07 Prickly Pear - Broadfactor - CDR
08 Stevo - Funk Phlex - 4Lux
09 Fiyaman - McLovin - CDR
10 Abby Lee Tee - Machine Handling - CDR
11 Blu - Dreamin' (Krts Remix) - CDR
12 OlivierDaySoul - The Walls - 4Lux
13 AK - The Wake Up 4 - CDR
14 Portformat - U$ feat. Suzi Analogue - Tokyo Dawn Records
15 Erykah Badu - Soldier (Knxwledge Remix) - CDR
16 Swedeart - Don't Leave Me Alone - CDR
17 Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer - CDR
18 Tweet - Call Me (Tokimonsta Remix) - CDR
19 Sonoro - Asiaedit - CDR
20 Chits - Nofuture - CDR
21 Kika - U Fill Me (Dj Ride Remix) - CDR
22 Waajeed & The Jazz Katz - Musiq - Bling47 Recordings
23 Portformat - Fairy Child feat. Shuanise - Tokyo Dawn Records
24 Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - Cella's Walk - Strut



Last week-end in Berlin, I saw at the Icon the best dj set ever, The Gaslamp Killer (Brainfeeder/Alpha Pup) !!! Like Tokimonsta, he is in part of the Brainfeeder label and comes from Los Angeles. I don't know how to describe his show but I can tell you that he's the devil in person ! My goodness, the audience was possessed by him, the crowd was bouncing everywhere, screaming, sweating, (almost fighting)... He played psychedelic abstract stuffs, in passing by arabic music, wonky, J-Dilla tunes and of course his own heavy monster sounds ! He's an real orchestra conductor, we see that he lives and feels his music by his freaky attitude.

In the same line-up, Nosaj Thing (Alpha Pup) from Los Angeles too, did a wicked experimental electronic live with lots of emotion. I was really touched by his elegance, simplicity and nobility. The contrast between his body language and his music were totally imcomprehensible but completely harmonious. His new album "Drift" recently released is a trip to the galaxy. Make sure to get his spatial sounds and ruffled beats drifted from mystery...



Jennifer Lee aka Tokimonsta (Brainfeeder/Ramp) is a female beatmaker from Los Angeles that I met through Myspace. It was for sure one of the best discovery I made this year. I was amazed by her heavy beats, her sensibility and maturity. How can we imagine that behind these productions, it's hiding a girl ?!? She's actually the first female artist who signed for the label Brainfeeder head by the genius Flying Lotus.

When I knew she will be on tour in Europe, I wrote straight to her and ask if she was aight to do a live in Switzerland and the response was directly yes ! So I tried to contact many spots in order to invite her. Unfortunately many clubs are all booked until the end of the year, classic ! Until that I talked to the owner of the Vinyl Club in Lausanne and found finally a stage to bring Tokimonsta. Thanks to the Vinyl Club to make it happen.

So I'm proud to announce you that The "Tokimonsta x Ngoc Lan" party is now confirmed and will take place at the Vinyl Club in Lausanne on Thursday November 19th from 22:00 to 05:00.

Last minute info, Chief (Feelin'Music/Traffic Entertainment) a very good friend of mine will join us for an eclectic dj set.

Looking forward to see you there !



Dear Family & Friends,

I finally subscribed myself to Blogspot.

This is a way to get to know more personally about me and not only through Myspace or Facebook. So I would like to share with you my states of mind, my music universe and all about my "Heartbeats" as it's represented.

I hope you will like it and please don't be shy to leave a comment !

The adventure can now beggin...