I already shared this video to some of my homies long time ago, so for those who have missed that dope synth sound, here is "TNT" performed by the stylish Theophilus London. This track is dangerous, don't be addict ! We must know that the beat has been produced by Machinedrum.



Perfect for beginning the week with my friend Paul Pre who has made a banging mix ! Hmmm... tasty !!!

Hear the podcast hereafter : "Vast Podcast #2"



I learnt that the enigmatic and super hero Doom will be on tour in Europe for the first time ! What should I do, take a ticket and fly to London, Amsterdam or Brussels ?!? Bring him in Switzerland ??? I'm going crazy !!! I'll tell you about that !



First of all, I wish you all an Happy New Year ! And sorry for not writing these days, I was totally jet-lagged... So I just came back from Saigon, it was a short stay but intense. I should say that everytime I go there, I really enjoy the delicious food, the manicure + massage for cheap and having inexpensive beautiful dress made especially for you, awesome !

Saigon was the meeting point for everyone... During my holiday, I met dope and unexpected people :

Jase is a cool and famous vietnamese dj I met in 2008 in Hanoi, he's located in Saigon and is in part of the collective The Beats Saigon. I would like to thank him for his kindness, hospitality and for bringing me in some nice places, you're the best !

Both from Switzerland, Dan (my supposed cousin) from the Digital Natives group was there with Simon, the founder of Preduce (first Thai skateboarding company). It was damn good to see them on the other side of the world, we didn't realize the first minutes when we hooked up but we were quickly in the mood for party !

Frosty from Dublab was on tour around Asia and took advantage to visit Saigon a few days. Thanks to Jase, we spent an afternoon together drinking cafe sua da, eating vietnamese soups and digging in the antique dealer street. I greatly appreciated our discussions about travel experiences and food... I hope to meet you again for a longer conversation !

All roads lead to Saigon...